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Residents and business owners can order free trees to be planted on their properties.

The program was created with a goal to increase the number of trees planted in urban residential areas of the Massachusetts Gateway Cities. Through the GGCP program, trees (ranging from 6ft to 10ft tall) are planted with a goal of covering 5% of target neighborhoods in new tree canopy cover. The trees are planted by foresters from the Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) Urban & Community Forestry Program, with crews hired from local communities.

Greening The Gateway Cities Program Information


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The Benefits of Trees

Clean The Air

Trees filter the air by removing dust and absorbing air pollutants.

Cool Down

The net cooling effect of a healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room size airconditioners operating 20 hours a day.

Add Value

Trees and landscaping can raise property values up to 20%

Reduce Noise

Tree-lined streets reduce noise pollution by absorbing sounds and slowing down traffic.

Create Habitats

Many birds and animals use trees for food and shelter

Improve Life

Trees beautify neighborhoods and reduce crime, improving the quality of life.

Planting in the Zone

Many Gateway City Communities have special zones where trees can be planted.  Find out if you are in the zone!

Am I in the Zone?


  • "It is simply improving the conditions of the neighborhood and increasing tree canopy."
    Fall River 3
    Fall River Resident
  • "I see a lot of the younger generation going into the park which wasn’t happening before. And I see the ones with their little kids now going into the park, and that’s a great thing. I did that with my kid, you know what I’m sayin’?"
    Fall River 2
    Fall River Resident
  • "It makes a nice living space for people, it provides shade, and improves the quality of the air."
    Fall River
    Fall River Resident
  • "I think it's healthier having the greenery and the trees."
    Holyoke 4
    Holyoke Resident
  • "I mean, if you were to go out and buy trees, imagine how much that would cost. I think it's wonderful that it is a free program for the people that are interested."
    Holyoke 3
    Holyoke Resident
  • “I joined the program because it increases energy efficiency at home and the overall air quality of the community.”

    Holyoke 2
    Holyoke Resident
  • "I thought that my property was pretty barren and I just-I miss trees, I’m used to having trees, so I was more than thrilled, I was very happy."
    Holyoke 1
    Holyoke Resident
  • "Well, I always liked trees, I think that they are good for the environment. Also, for privacy purpose that's more or less it. I always liked trees and it beautifies the property. I figured it was an opportunity to get it."
    Chelsea 3
    Chelsea Resident
  • "So hopefully when the trees goes up and kind of creates a shade, I mean it lowers my bill, so. That's my goal, as much as I want to enjoy the beauty of it"
    Chelsea 2
    Chelsea Resident
  • "We are invested in the community and invested in creating opportunities making it a good place to live in for people to make sure that they have their needs met."
    Chelsea 1
    Chelsea Resident
We are branching out! Our planting zones have been expanded! Please contact your local Foresters directly to see if you qualify to have free trees planted on your property.
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Updated: 3/28/24